5 Minutes With …. Jos Huitema

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1. Jos, who are the Randuba 2 and what can we expect from your team partiicpation in Figueira Beach Rugby International?


R: randuba 2 is a beachrugby team with mainly players from the north of Holland. We started playing playing beachrugby with this team since 2008. Now that we keep winning every Tournament in Holland its time to test ourselfs abroad. Now with our sponsor Body&fit sports nutrition  we stepped up a level or two.


2. Holland is not known by its Beaches or Sun, however there is a strong Beach Rugby Tournaments and teams tradition in Holland. How you explain that?


R: Holland is full of water and beaches but the only thing we lack is nice sunny weather. So thats why we come to Portugal. The club level is not that high in Holland so thats why we form invitational sides to boost the level.


3. This is gonna be your first appearence in Figueira. What your expectations are about the tournament?


R: we expect nothing….. Well we expect to have a great time !!



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June 10, 2016

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