5 Questions With Silvio Salera

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1.    Sílvio,being Maccarese is one of the oldest and most important European Beach Rugby teams, how do you perceive the Figueira Beach Rugby event?


 R: Figueira is actually the best tournament in Europe. We have partecipated to all and in Figueira we can find 9/10 very good teams. In other tournaments we can fin 4/5 excellent teams and the others are very modest teams. Figueira is a very sporting tournament in wich the play is the focus. Perfect organization, third time and the arrangement.


 2.    When did Maccerese start and what was the greatest achievement so far?


 R: In 2000, after the victory in first italian championship, my son Guido with Sinisi and Bocconcelli decided to do a team with friend playing  beach rugby to spend summer time togheter. The idea hasn’t changed in time and also now the Maccarese team is a group of friende without a official team behind.


 3.    Finally Maccarese reached the final in Figueira 2013 how special was that moment?

R: Till two minuts at end we are sure to win. We have lost the head and we have granted two tries to Direito. But we are sure to have showed we are worth playing the final. It’ll be next year!!!!


 4.    Is the European Beach Rugby Champion title an objective for 2014? Are Maccarese ready to fight for it?


 R:To win European Chanpinship it’s necessary to participate in three tournments. It requires a lot of money. In 2013 three teams have participated: Marseille, Ghent and Maccarese. Ghent has participate Zeerbrugge, very close to Ghent ( no fly no hotel), Marseille has participated Marseille ( no fly no hotel). We come from far and we have to spend money for fly, hotel, restaurants and so on. The Italian tournament Lignano is on invitation base. We try to find money but, in this period, is very hard.


 5.    Will we see you with Maccarese Team in Figueira Beach Rugby Tournament 2014?


 R: You may be sure. We’ve to win, also if very hard.




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