5 Questions with… Francisco Cary

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1. Francisco the Caparica Sharks were born in 2011 specifically to compete in Beach Rugby Tournaments. How did that happen?

R: In 2011 some of team players have had contact with Beach Rugby playing for other teams. We all felt  Beach Rugby as a great excuse to gather a group of friends, going to the beach have fun and play our loved sport at the same time. With the opportunity to attend the Figueira Beach Rugby International we decided to start the Caparica Sharks.

2. After 3 consecutive participations at the Figueira Beach Rugby International, what´s your opinion about the event?

R: It´s a great event which promotes not just Beach Rugby but Rugby in general. There is a great atmosphere amongst the teams and great competitive level also. We have been present since 2011 and we can say the event is growing year after year. The rules have been adapted to make the game faster and more dynamic.

3. The Caparica Sharks were the only Portuguese team participating at the Lignano Tournament so far. How was that experience?

R: We were really excited when the Figueira Beach Rugby organizers and DoctorSport told us about the possibility to participate at the Lignano Tournament. We had no clue about what to expect. The only thing we knew was that we were the youngest team participating. The first day was a bit of a struggle but after we adapt ourselves to the game pace and tactics we managed to score pretty good overall participation, finishing 4th. Was a great honour to represent Portugal amongst 12 teams from strong rugby nations such as England, Samoa, France, Italy…..

4. After your participation in Lignano 2012 everyone was expecting to see Caparica Sharks competing for the European Circuit, but that did not happen. Why?

R. The main reason is the lack of support to face the expenses we have travelling around Europe. We have some commited sponsors but are not enough…

5. We know that Caparica Sharks are already preparing the 2014 season. What the goals for 2014 and what can we expect from the team?

R: In 2014 we want to make 2 appearences in the EBRA Circuit legs, Figueira and one more european tournament and reach the semi finals in both. We hope to attend all the legs of the Portuguese Beach Rugby Circuit and fight for the National title.

Thanks for your support.

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