Kaiserslauten Ruckin Rogues

5 Minutes With ….. Ashley Corkins

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Kaiserslauten Ruckin Rogues

1. Ashley, tell us a little about your team. How did it start, where you come from, how many nationalities do you have in your

R:  We are a team made of up Germans and Americans.  Right now it’s probably 75% American and 25% German.  ESC Kaiserslautern Rogues were established around 2011 (?) and have been on and off playing in 15s and 7’s leagues every since.  I personally hail from South Dakota, USA and was first introduced to rugby when I came to Germany.

2. FBRI is gonna be the only Beach Rugby tournament where you will participate or are you planning to attend some other

R:  As of right now our sights are only set on the Portugal tournament.  Our schedules are difficult to line-up and everyone is so busy.

3.Unfortunately last year you couldn’t make it to Figueira. However based on the feedback you got, what your expectations

R:  I’m looking forward to a lot of fun in the sun.  I don’t think one can go wrong with playing rugby on the beach.  I heard I am going to be super exhausted because it’s hard to find sand in Germany and it’s challenging to run around in the sand.  I’ll be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and water!

Thanks Ashley!!

See You in Figueira!



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June 10, 2016

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