The Formula of Success

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The 2017 Figueira Beach Rugby International edition was once again a great success. After 7 years being organizing this event, is still with great enthusiasm that us, as organizers ,live the preparation of this event.
It´s time to see old and new friends, teams and players that year after year keep coming to the Beach Rugby Mecca, looking for the sun, the beach, the game itself, but most of all to make new friends and have FUN!
Sometimes people ask us the formula of success. Well… we don´t have much to say about that, or any special tip to give, rather than, “we guess the success comes from the passion and effort we put into it”. The force pushing us to give the best experience to all who have given us the responsibility to surprise them with unexpected moments. And that´s  what Figueira Beach Rugby is all about… moments we will never forget!

Thanks to ALL who have somehow actively participated in this event!
Without you nothing would be the same!!!

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August 27, 2017

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