Antwerp Wankers – Short Interview

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FBRI : Hello Nik! We are very glad to have you and your team mates participating in Figueira Beach Rugby 10th Edition! Tell us a bit about who the Antwerp Wankers are!

Nik : The Antwerp WanCkers’s where born as a Spinn Off of the Antwerp RC (BE) during a tour in Madrid.  The first official game was in 2001 on the Ameland beach rugby tournament.

We are a group of 15’s players and ex players which has now grown to a membership Nr. of about 55 Wanckers.
The Wanckers still attend Ameland Beachrugby but Since 2017 a sub-division stated going further abroad to do what we love, Drink, Party and Play Rugby.
Please note that the spelling of our name, including the C is deliberate.
It originated as a mistake on the first custom designed jerseys and is nowadays a part of our tradition and as respect to our founding fathers.

FBRI : What are your expectations about the tournament?

NIK : We’re basically looking for fun , party,  drinks and the typical Rugby Spirit.
On the other hand every game will be played to win.
It is a fine balance which the Antwerp Wanckers have mastered over our 18y existence.


FBRI : Which message you would like to sent out to everyone who will be joining you during the Figueira Beach Rugby?

I’m a wancker
I’m a wancker
and it does me good like it bloody well should
I’m a wancker
I’m a wancker
and im always pulling my puddThnx Mrs Palm
and your 5 lovely daughters
Thank you for having me
and being oh so kind
I’ve pains in my arms
and my donkeys growing shorter
My knees have turnt to water
And I think im going blind
I’m a wancker
I’m a …

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