Beach 5s are Going Viral Series – Iran

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Hi Mehdi,

1.Last July I witnessed you participation at the Lignano International tournament and I was very surprised with your performance. What kind of memories do you keep from that experience?

R: Our presence as a first Asian team in Italy in July is cause of honor and motivation for us. We have gotten good experience from this event and we hopeour performances in 2015 will show that how much experience we got from the last year .

2.What´s the reality of Rugy in general and Beach 5s in particular in Iran?

R: Officially, we started beach rugby two years ago. The first tournament was held in Kish island in Nov 2012 with eight teams. In 2013 the tournament was held with 12 teams in Bandar Abass. We are planning to host the thir deition will this year in December.

We promise for the next year we will organize an international tournament in Iran.

3.When we think about Iran usually, people do not associate it to the beach and sun…where and how do you practice Beach 5s?

R: In Iran we have seven provinces with coastline. Despite the world´s wrong idea, in Iran the people go to the beach for swimming , sun bathing and… , but our team (Pasargad) train in Tehran and we do not have beach in Tehran but we have two fields like beach sand and when we have match for preparing we will go to the beach islands for our training.

4.After your first appearance in Lignano what kind of expectations and objectives do you have for the further Beach 5 seasons?


R: Next year, our team will be younger, lighter and faster. From our first good experience in 2014, we will participate again in Lignano and one more EBRA tournament.

5.Is the Beach 5s growing in Iran? What can we expect from Iran Beach 5s in the near future?

R: Beach rugby in Iran is growing too fast and this growth it´s the reason why Iran beach rugby will surprise the world in few years. We started a five year plan and we have the intention to introduce our beach rugby as one of the most powerful beach rugby in whole the world in 2020.

Thanks and good Luck!


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