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#BeachRugbyMadness Podcast W/ Cesare Zambelli

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The first #BeachRugbyMadness episode is OUT!!!



We couldnĀ“t invite anyone else but our long time friend, Cesare Zambelli AKA Mr. Beach Rugby!!!

Cesare Zambelli has been involved with Beach Rugby for the last 20 years, playing an important role on the international development of the sport, holding an impressive resume under his name ….

Figueira Beach Rugby Board Advisor

Super Beach Rugby Lignano Co-Organizer from 2000 – 2015

Snow Rugby Tarvision from 2015 – 2019

Italian Beach Rugby League General Secretary

President of European Committe for the establishment of EBRA Circuit

EBRA Board Member

Member of the Rugby Europe Sub Committe for Brach and Snow Rugby

During our chat with Cesare we adressed many questions and share a lot of memories. From stressful situations as a tournament organizer to his personal view how the sport is evolving, Cesare gave us a very deep insight about where Beach Rugby is and where it can be in the future.


Listen to This Episode if :

– You enjoy Rugby.

– You are a Beach Rugby Fan.

– You enjoy knowing more about alternative rugby formats.

– You want to have a dep understading on how Beach Rugby is evolving.

– You like to listen from people who stick with their passions.

– You enjoy to listen interesting peple chatting.

– If you wanna get away from the Corona Bad Vibes.






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March 21, 2020

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