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The Bee Rugby project aims to promote Youth Education and Empowerment worldwide, teaching kids how to overcome challenges and inspiring them to achieve their dreams.



Despite the general sense that people living in wealthy societies have that kids everywhere have nowadays access to all the opportunities for a healthy development, the reality is very often something different. The global society still failing to providing the same level of opportunities to every kid in the world, not just in developing countries but also in the most developed societies.



Beach Rugby and its values is the vehicle choosen to carry out the Bee Rugby message worldwide.


How everything started?

In 2013 a group of former players from the Portuguese Rugby Club Académica de Coimbra flew to Brazil to attend the first edition of Morro de São Paulo Beach Rugby Tournament . The tournament is organized by a group of expats Argentinians and held in a remote and isolated small island in the North of Brazil offshore, in the state of Bahia.

Rui Loureiro who manages the Académica de Coimbra Youth Rugby Academy in Portugal, was invited to visit the local school and introduce rugby to the kids who have never heard about the sport. Despite not knowing nothing about Rugby or Beach Rugby, the kids were amazed by what they saw and experienced. The promisse of returning the next year with a kit of some balls and tags was made. In 2014 Rui Loureiro returned to Morro de São Paulo carrying with him some balls and tags. Some months after he got the news from Esteban Palumbo, that after some hurdles and hassles a Beach Rugby Educational Program was running, giving kids the opportunity not just to learn beach rugby but also the universal rugby values and spirit. Looking back we can see how a small seed can turn into a big tree. We want to keep the tree growing and add many branches around the globe. That´s what the BEE PROJECT is aimed for…….


Why The BEE?

When we were melting our brains to come up with an identity to the project we realized that two words were often mentioned…. Education and Empowerment. The EE project?! Huummm…… maybe BEEch Rugby project?!.. naahhhh BEE Project?! Yeah!! Bee sounds like Be or To Be, which was already good, but all of a sudden the image of a BEE came into our minds….. Bees are hard Workers, resilients, rely on team work and spread the polen all over the world…. We just could not think on a better symbol / mascot for the project.


BEE RUGBY Principles


R espect

Respect is the first rule to overcome challenges and succeed. Respect others and yourself at first.


U nion

United we stand alone we fall. Union and team work are key factors to build project with real positive impact.


G rip

Things ain´t easy in life. Sometimes we need to stop, taking some steps back to move forward. In those moments a little extra grip in essential.


B ravery

When “fighting” to achieve something meaningful to our lifes, every single day is a battle. A good and fulfilling battle which should be faced with a brave heart and soul.


Y oung

Your attitude towards life is not determined by how many years you lived. Being focused and determined to socre you life try keeps your Spirit and Soul young.



  • Promote Social Inclusion
  • Empower kids to follow and achieve their dreams
  • Educate Youth to suceed
  • Promote the exchange amongst cultures



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