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Will Corona Virus Affect The Beach Rugby Season ?!

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The Corona Virus Pandemia has hit the sports world with violence, with many if not all the competitions around the world to be suspended, and major events cancelled or postponed. Uncertainty is the main feeling right now. No one knows for how long this situation is to last. Will this situation affect the Beach Rugby Season?!

We decided to get in contact with some of the most experienced European Beach Rugby organizers (Portugal, Italy and Poland) to find out what their opinions are about the possible effects of Corona Virus Pandemia in the present and Future of Beach Rugby.


Check Out what they have to say :


Rui Loureiro, FIGUEIRA BEACH RUGBY Organizer (Portugal)


Despite all the uncertainty about how long we will be in this situation, all the official informations point out for a sports events ban period of 30 to 60 days. Figueira Beach Rugby is still 105 days away. We strongly believe that by the time of our event´s inaugural whistle, Corona Virus won´t be more than a sad memory!

We think the European Beach Rugby season will not be affected by this awful situation, and strongly believe that beach Rugby can play a very important role in the Rugby World pushing the sport forward after a long period of absence.

Our message to all the Beach Ruggers out there is to Keep Strong, Keep United, Keep Fit, and see you all in the Golden Sands of Figueira next July!!!




Daniele Battisti, XMASTER BEACH RUGBY Organiser (Italy)


The current situation related to the Corona virus has certainly destabilized the entire world rugby.

The values of solidarity and brotherhood of rugby are manifesting themselves strongly. But the desire of our players not to give up is also coming out.

With the championships in danger, we noticed that the boys paid more attention to summer activity, at Beach Rugby.

Many managers of the Xmasters Beach Rugby team and tournament partners are contacting us in greater numbers, well in advance and with great energy.

The lightness, and joy of beach rugby are seen as the antidote to the sensations that the corona corona is giving us.

There is a great desire to get out of the nightmare, and to do it playing beach rugby.

There are the conditions for a fantastic summer at the Deejay Xmaster beach rugby.

We are sure that it will be so.


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Ilya Volodarskiy, European Beach Fives Rugby Championship by Rugby Europe (Russia)

It is difficult to tell now what we will do. As everyone around the World we hope that it will finish with the minimum number of loses . But we have the several issues to affect: dates, internal official regulation and overall medical and official recommendations, RE statements, travel issues for the participating teams (quarantine in and out of the countries) + visas, finances and etc…

We are able to make it happen, but of course we must think about different scenarios. I think we are not even on the middle of the problems – some more will definitely come. And even corona virus will not kill tournament at all, global economic crisis will definitely come:))… But we are stress protected. And finally snow will come in any cases to replace the sand:))))




Sławosz Hodura, SOPOT BEACH RUGBY ( Poland)


Sopot Beach Rugby tournament is scheduled for August 1st. We hope that late date of the tournament will allow the tournament to take place.

Unfortunately at this time marketing activities and those related to acquiring sponsors and partnerships have become more severe.

We keep on doing our job, remain in positive moods and hope that the situation will resolve and the Sopot’s beach will be filled with rugby people and good vibes.


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