Pedro Leal Interview

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  1. Pedro this was your first time participating in Figueira Beach Rugby International, what´s your opinion about the event?
    R: I was realy impressed with the organization and teams´level.
  2. What´s your general opinion about Beach Rugby?
    R: I Play Beach Rugby since Im a kid and I always enjoyed a lot. You need to be fit because it´s very demanding. But was the first time I played with this set of rules…
  3. In your opinion does beach rugby has the potential to grow as other beach sports suchas Beach Soccer and Beach Voleyball did?
    R: I would like so. For what I have been watching this event is growing year after year and there are several good tournaments around the globe. In my opinion Beach Rugby has everything to still growing and Portugal has the best conditions for that.
  4. Are you aware that in 2013 Portugal had a National Beach Rugby Circuito with both mem and women divisions?
    R: Yes I noticed that. UNfortunately because my season it´s too long I only had the opportunity to play in Figueira.
  5. Both yours and Adérito Esteves presence was a big achivement for the organization and to all that were on the beach and at home watching live the event. Did you become a Fan? Can we expect you to be in Figueira in 2014?
    R: I would love to participate again, but I can´t confirm it now because the international sevens season will still be on. But if I would have a chance I will be there to defend the title for sure!

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January 16, 2014

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