Hagondange Boys are In

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1.Guillaume, this is the first time le Hagondange team will participate at the Figueira Beach Rugby International Tournament. What your expectations are?

R: Of course we will try to go the farthest in the competition, but the most important for our teams is to have fun and to give fun in and out the field.

2. Tell us a bit more about the Hagondange team. Are you all still playing or is Beach Rugby just an excuse toi get together and have fun while playing in the sand?

R: Most of the players are playing together in the 15-rugby team of Hagondange. Some others used to play in Hagondange and are now living everywhere in France. But they didn’t forget the good moments they spent with our team… That’s why we try to regroup together each year to play a beach rugby tournament during the summer. We are many and many each year and will be 25 this time.

3. Did the team participate in other Beach Rugby Tournaments in the past?

R: Last year, we went to the Prague beach rugby tournament and losed the final against the locals.We already went two times in the Sitges beach rugby tournament in Spain, we played in the Ostende beach rugby tournament and some others in Belgium.


4. The European Beach Rugby Association is really commited to make the European Circuit bigger and better every year. Are you aware of the EBRA work?

R: We have heard about the association, by searching your tournament on the internet.


5. What can we expect from the Hagondange Boys in the Figueira Tournament?

R: Some good rugby on the field, but mainly a big ambience and some kind of madness out of the field!

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