Magnets thoughts and expectations

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1. Sander this will be the 4th Magnets participation at the Figueira Beach Rugby International. What the expectations are?

As always we would like to have as much as fun as possible. We expect good and physical Portugese teams and we hope the weather and atmosphere will be good as all previous years.


2. We noticed that your team dropped the Ghent on its name. why was that?

 We already did that last year. The teams has it’s orgin in Ghent, but to gain more sponsors in Belgium we removed Ghent so we can advertise our name. Also most of the players are not from Ghent anymore.


3. Every year seems to be the Magnets year in Figueira, however there has been always a reason to not succeed. In your opinion what could have been different in the last editions?

 I think we would have made the final last year if we didn’t crossed Marseille in the quater finals. Also we always underestimated the level of the local teams.


4. Belgium lost one of the most iconic EBRA tournaments this year. With you now setting up a new project, what the Beach Rugby Community can expect from that?

 I’m hoping to create the same tournament as it was, but with a new staff. We will however have to start small this year, and I hope we can grow fast so we can be an EBRA tournament once again. Here is all the tournament info for this year:


5. Will 2015 be the year of Magnets EBRA SERIES EURPOPEAN CHAMPIONS?

 Absolutly not, with Ameland and Zeebrugge out of the picture we can’t take enough points to compete with teams like Marseille.


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