Mary 200 Join The #BeachRugbyMadness

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FBRI : Hello Maryl! We are very glad to have you and your team mates participating in Figueira Beach Rugby 2020 Edition! Tell us a bit about who the Team 200 are!

Mary 200 : Team 200 started over 7yrs ago and is made up of a mixture of players from clubs across Scotland.  We come together once a year to play beach rugby and boast nationalities from all over the world such as Wales, New Zealand, China, Scotland, Zimbabwe and Ireland.  The name Team 200 came about because the the average age of each player is around 40 years old and we aim to have 200 years on the pitch at any one time.  Count us sometime, we wear our ages on our back.


FBRI :  What are your expectations about the tournament?

Mary 200 : Taking part and enjoying the atmosphere with a lot of sun, fun and beach rugby action.


FBRI : Which message you would like to sent out to everyone who will be joining you during the Figueira Beach Rugby?

Mary 200 : We might be old as f*#k but we love a good party.



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