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Meet The Destination

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Known as the Queen Of The Beachs of Portugal, Figueira da Foz has a special mystic, dating back to the past when it was one of the top destinations of European royalty!

One hour and half from Lisbon, Figueira is a hot tourism spot to go, as the hotels or modern day ‘Air B&Bs’ are well priced. The beach itself is huge with a fantastic shoreline that invites you to take a nice, cool dip. There is a good variety of places to eat, from all-day English breakfast to Tapas and fresh fish at dinner time.


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The prices are quite good, not cheap but definitely worth the money. So Figueira Beach Rugby teams can secure great conditions for the those willing to pay for it. Don’t forget that there are countless after-sunset parties, an awesome lounge in the playing area, four fields (three of them with stands for all who wish to watch the games).


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As for the organization of the tournament, it’s the best one in Europe. The foreign teams will have transfers from Lisbon airport to Figueira, and be prepared for the conditions: sleep, food, train, play and if you win, a drink or two. Well trained match officials, medics and other members of staff that will help improve your stay.




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