North 7s – Short Interview

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FBRI : Hello Raphael! We are very glad to have you and your team mates participating in Figueira Beach Rugby 10th Edition! Tell us a bit about who the North Sevens are!


Raphael: North 7s is basically a group of friends who decided to stay solidary ‌even tho their club shut down because of financials problems. We started to get into the “rugby 7s mood”, meaning having fun, play rugby with brothers, and we never left it ! Every year we sign up for a new rugby tournaments tour in Europe including Figueira beach rugby, which will be our last destination for the summer season !


FBRI : Having participated in two event editions, what are your expectations for the Figueira Beach Rugby 10th edition?

​Raphael : In terms of competition we definitely want to reach the cup final ! We haven’t been that successful so far, so we are hungry… But that’s the tenth edition so I guess the party is going to be crazy ! that is a good challenge !! finally, we’ve always been warm welcomed by the Figueira Beach rugby’s team, so we definitely trust you on what you prepared for us !


FBRI : Which message you would like to sent out to everyone who will be joining you during the Figueira Beach Rugby?

Raphael : That is going to be pure madness ! be ready ! 

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