Ovale Beach Marseille – Short Interview

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FBR : Hello Lionel! We are very happy to see you and your teammates participate in the 10th edition of Figueira Beach Rugby! Tell us a little about who is the team Ovale Beach Marseille!

Lionel : It is always a pleasure and a great honor to participate in the 10th anniversary of the Beach Rugby tournament in Figueira da Foz, which is so special to my friend Rui Loureiro founding member of EBRA with Giancarlo Stocco from Super Beach Rugby Lignano and me from South Beach Rugby Five Marseille.
Our teams , the women and the men Ovale Beach Marseille will be like for four years teams of the competitors in the spirit of the game of Beach Rugby Five fun, pleasure and sharing!

FBR : After winning the event twice, what are your expectations for the 10th edition of Figueira Beach Rugby?

Lionel : I guess the expectations will be high once we arrive as the EBRA champions, however that does not add us any special pressure, because the goal during the last 4 years has been always to win with art and in accordance with the true spirit of Beach Rugby.  In addition, as a personal I am proud to be in Portugal with you this year because my son has chosen to do for two years his studies in this country which welcomed him with warmth and respect.

FBR : What message would you like to send to everyone who joins you during Figueira Beach Rugby?

Lionel : It is a privilege to make the EBRA Series 2019 which will end in Figueira da Foz during this final Masters .I am sure that will be of high quality as the organizers of this tournament know how to do it. The players who will have the chance to participate, will be those who will win the hearts of the public!


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