RandUba 2 – Short Interview

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FBR :  Hello Jos! We are very glad to have you and your team mates participating in Figueira Beach Rugby 10th Edition! Tell us a bit about who the Randuba are!

Jos : RandUba 2 is a beach rugby team from the Netherlands. They are the 2017 and 2018 (and maybe 2019, but when we’re writing this, North Sea Beach has not been played yet) Beach Champions of the Netherlands. How it started? Friends of the nine clubs of the North shared a love for the flair and vibes of beach rugby and started a team. They have been playing ever since. 10 years and counting.

FBR : Having participated in the two event editions, what are your expectations for the Figueira Beach Rugby 10th edition?

Jos : RandUba 2 believes rugby is a game of three halves. We know Figueira has some tough competition on the field as well as of the field. Wether we’re playing or partying: we’re looking for the beach vibes Beach 5s is known for.

FBR : Which message you would like to sent out to everyone who will be joining you during the Figueira Beach Rugby?

Jos :No matter what you do in life, if it’s dancing, drinking or rugby: ‘It’s all about image.’



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