Red White and Brews – Short Interview

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FBR : Hello Samantha! We are very glad to have you and your team mates participating in Figueira Beach Rugby 10th Edition! Tell us a bit about who the Red White and Brews are!

Samantha : We are a team of multiple nationalities! Most of the girls are American (hence the “red, white and brews!”) but we have girls from Scotland, Germany, Colombia and Australia too! We live and train in Germany within an American military community. Our team is one big crazy lovable family; we have a huge mix of personalities, experience level and athletic backgrounds. 


FBRI : Being your first time participating in the event, what are your expectations for the Figueira Beach Rugby 10th edition?
Samantha : We are looking forward to a big celebration surrounded by like minded rugby loving folks! Beach…rugby…brews?! We’re there! You definitely won’t miss us!


FBR : Which message you would like to sent out to everyone who will be joining you during the Figueira Beach Rugby?

Samantha : Let’s be best friends!!!
RedWhite and Brews

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