History and Facts – The Beginning

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The idea of organizing the Figueira Beach Rugby was born randomly, during an afternoon brainstorm meeting at DoctorSport office.

Beach rugby was really popular and big in Portugal in the late 90s, early 2000s. The Portuguese economy was experiencing an unprecedent boost, so companies easily thrown money into anything that would advertise their image. After that period and with the economy declining the big euros were gone.

During the first decade of this century the big beach rugby tournaments disapeared, and the hype around the sport was gone. Aware of this situation Rui Loureiro one of the DoctorSport founders ex-rugby player and coach looked at Beach Rugby as an opportunity and the idea of bringing beach rugby into life seemed a good bet.

We knew that Beach Rugby image was damaged and only something good and big would succeed! Organizing it as an International Beach Rugby Festival where competitive and social rugby could cohabit around music and party, was the idea in our minds since the beginning.

As we were already expecting, skepticism was what we found most in our first approaches. Few people believed that Beach Rugby would have the power to attract and congregate so many teams from all over Europe. This skepticism was soon vanished, due our strong commitment and enthusiasm to make it happen.

The Figueira Beach Rugby International first edition back in 2010 was not the success we were expected, only 24 teams attended the event. We were exhausted and the pockets were empty, however the feedback was huge and we knew we had just launched something special that remains till our days!


IMG_9496 copy                              2010 Edition


FBRI                               2011 Edition


DSC_0756                              2012 Edition


1012198_207530532735746_1052398461_n                               2013 Edition


Figueira Beach Rugby 2014 - 2014/07/13                              2014 Edition


18                                   2015 Edition


164503_JP06709                              2016 Edition



19679237_1173015276136482_5537622024806341657_o                               2017 Edition


36636865_1497468500357823_3435968691429179392_o                               2018 Edition


67179560_2050399681731366_8703498436453859328_o                              2019 Edition

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