The French Revolution

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The Ovale Beach Marseille team have not just won all the tournaments they went to (Marseille, Barcelona, Figueira and Liganno), claiming for the second time the title of Beach 5s European Champions, but also re-defined the style of playing Beach 5s.
What they delivered during the European Beach 5s season, was truly beyond what we had witnessed so far.
They added a magical touch to the ingredients you all knew were needed to succeed amongst the European Beach 5s family.
I would say they are some kind of the Beach 5´s Harlem Globetrotters! Strong teams such as the Italians Padova Beach, the Portuguese Direito, The Belgian Ghent Magnets and Pacific Islanders, tried everything to beat the French Flair but that did just not happened.
There is no doubt the French team took the Beach 5s into an all new level, setting new boundaries for what is coming next.
The future is always unpredictable but we all know that nothing will be like before after the French performance in 2014.
Beach 5s is more than alive and history is being made!

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